Zitrof is just a name we use for Frank and Dani. We own and manage a few website, it’s kind of our hobby. These are them:


Solar in South Florida is a blog designed to help provide information on Solar Panels and Solar Power for those considering the installation of a Solar Array system on the home or commercial property.

There is a section just for anyone to submit a question about solar.

Solar in South Florida is not designed to capture you”lead”, but to help answer all your questions about solar power so you can make an informed decision if solar is right for you.

Product Review Website

ReviewAffi is a Product and Service review website. Designed to allow anyone who wishes to submit a review on products and service to do so and even earn a commission from affiliate program links.

Have you ever bough a product or service and it was great you wish you could everyone about it? ReviewAffi allows you to do so, while earning a commission along the way.

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Many companies have what is called an affiliate program which will pay you to a commission when you refer a customer and that makes a purchase.

Stocks News Feed collects news related to the stocks market and investing, along with a discussion forum from every pubic company. A mini social network is also available with a stream of information.

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PoliticTalks – the name say it all, it’s a political website which gathers political news form around the web and allows for discussions on politics.

PoliticTalks also has a discussion forum and mini social network for discussions.

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And we are Frank and Dani. We are both a little crazy, a little loony, a little fun, and a just want to enjoy life.

We are both very easy going, well sorta… See she’s from NY and you know how those New York women are… And he is Cuban, and if you haven’t heard, Cubans have short tempers and attitudes.. What a clash… But it works, and it’s fun.