Introducing Veester

On Dec 14th we made a purchase, we bought a 24 foot Damon Ultrasport RV, lovingly named Veester.


Our Goal with Veester is to travel, spend time with family and enjoy this beautiful Country.

For several months Dani and I had been researching and searching everywhere for a RV to purchase and making sure we had a decent idea of what we would want in a motorhome.

We know we could not go more than 24 feet as we were going to park it at my parents house, and that was the largest size we would be able to park there. 24 feet also gave us plenty of room, while still being maneuverable and easy to drive.

Why a Class C Motorhome

We came to the conclusion that we wanted a Class C Motorhome instead of a travel trailer. The Class C’s offer the loft over the driver compartment, which I personally loved.

After doing some research, looking at several different types of motorhomes, the Class C best fit our needs and wants.

Class A motorhomes were all longer than 24 feet, and we had to write them off. We might have considered a Class A if we would have been able to find one that was 24 foot long.

Travel Trailers have to be towed. This meant that we would have to have sold our 4Runner and purchased a larger truck to tow a travel trailer long enough to be comfortable. We also wanted to have access to the house section while driving. We also had to consider Waggy and Blue, it’s easier for them walk around or lay down in the house section, instead of having then in the back seat.

Safety was another factor for us. We like that in worst case situation we can just get in the driver seat and drive away from a situation, instead of having the re-attach the travel trailer and getting into the tow vehicle.

A Class C was just more convenient for us.

Why the Damon Ultrasport? Well, this one was in great condition and very clean for the price. Everything worked fine, tires looked decent, and it everything looked well taken care of and not worn. We also talked to a friend in the business who said that Damon motorhomes had a good reputation for being well put together.

The name Veester

We like to lovingly name our vehicles and some other stuff. We went through several names, and finally came to the name “Veester”. No particular reason, other than it just sounded cool.

Stay tuned for the travels with Veester!

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