Making Money from home

Make Money From Home

It’s most people’s dream, to make money from home without having to really work. There are many people who work from home, making money, and don’t really have to go to an office or report to a boss.

In this article we are going to talk about affiliate marketing and writing product reviews, which is the marketing and advertising of products and service that you don’t own to make a commission when someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link. (more information on affiliate marketing)

We all buy products and services, i’m sure you have bought something before. Most likely if you visited a website which provided you information on the item before you made the purchase, someone might have made an affiliate commission from your purchase.

So how do you write product reviews to make money from home?

You bought something, why not make a video, and write some information on the product or service. Let’s say you bought an exercise bike, you have now used that bike for a few months and love the way it works, and might have even told a friend or two how great that bike functioned. So why not write some information about it?

Get your video camera out, or even your phone if you want. Make a video (best is about 10 Minutes), describe the features, point out the best things on the bike and even the bad things that you would improve if you were the manufacturer. Show how it works, and how to gain the best results form it’s use. Now post the video on YouTube (or other video websites) and then write down some of the information you put in the video.

You can also create your own blog website to post your product reviews. (Hostgator is great and affordable for hosting). You can also submit your review on ReviewAffi which is designed for Reviews.

Now that you have created and submitted your review to the world, market your review. Post link to it on your social networks, share it with friends and even ask them to re-share it for you. The more exposure the better.

How much money can you make from Home writing reviews?

Don’t expect to become rich over night, it’s going to take some time and work before you can quit your day job and just live of your online affiliate programs and product reviews, so be realistic.

Your YouTube videos can make some money for you, but expect about $100 for every 10,000 video views if you have an Adsense account to monetize you videos.

Most affiliate programs will pay about 4-10% of the purchase (such as Amazon) and some affiliate programs will pay much more for a one time purchase. But don’t expect everyone to purchase from your affiliate link, your conversion rate could vary from .01% to maybe 10%, which means that less that 1 out 20 clicks will earn you a commission. This means that you might need 1000 clicks on your affiliate link to earn one commission. The good thing is that most affiliate programs will give you cookies on the visitor for several days, which means even if they don’t buy the same day but go back days later and make the purchase you might still earn the commission.

After seeing some of those numbers, you might be getting a little discouraged. But there are many people who live very comfortable while making money from home and marketing affiliate programs, it’s just going to take a little work and maybe some time before you can quit your day job.

Don’t give up, the more you work on trying to transition to making money online, the closer you get to being able to make money from home.

Remember Quality and Quantity will eventually prevail. Make sure you SEO your videos and product reviews to maximize exposure. But that will be another blog.

Let us know if you make money from home, what you have done, and how you reached your goal, or ask your question below.

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