How to make an Income while RVing

How to make an Income while RVing fulltime

If you are thinking of going RVing full time to enjoy the outdoors, and unless you have a substantial retirement account, or independently wealthy, you might be asking how to make an income while RVing fulltime.

Several people who are actually RVing say they make some sort of an income from websites, blogs, youtube videos, and Affiliate Marketing.

How to make an Income while RVing

We (Dani and I) have put together and started a review website (ReviewAffi) which will allow us, and others looking to go RVing outdoors, to make an income from affiliate marketing. The website is simple, you write reviews of products and services while embedding your affiliate links in the content you wrote and direct those who wish to make a purchase to your affiliate link. We hope this helps others, and us to be able to generate an income while being able to enjoy the outdoors and beauty of this country.

Here are some other ideas and things that other are doing while enjoying the outdoors.

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Building a Website for Income

Ok, so If you are considering building your own website or blog, Bluehost has great deals, some starting as low as $3.95 a month for WordPress hosting, or shared hosting. (yes, we have an affiliate with them)

Building a website or blog is fairly simple, I’ve tried several things already. The easiest and most effective way is to get your own hosting account and install a wordpress content management system. From there you can install your own themes and plugin.

WEBSITE SECURITY!!!! it’s huge! We use cloudlfare for a CDN (content delivery network), it speeds things up, helps with website security, reduces the load on the hosting servers and it’s free! You might also want to consider two plugins (Wordfence and WP Cerber) for security on your website, they block malicious bots, and other scripts or traffic that could inject viruses and other junk into your website.

Writing the Content: You also want to write your blogs or pages in a way in which you can make it search engine friendly and also user friendly. YOAST is a plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it helps you optimize your pages and posts for search engine and to increase you search engine traffic, after all, a good website is only good if you can generate traffic to your content. And if you want to know how to make an income while RVing, and you want to make that income from online, you will need traffic.

Affiliate Marketing for an Income

Affiliate marketing is easy, you help others procure a customer for their product, and if that customer makes a purchase you get a commission of the sale.

Like we mentioned earlier, we put together ReviewAffi specifically for that reason. ReviewAffi is designed as a Products Review Website. It has product and service reviews. You can be a content writer for ReviewAffi and generate an affiliate commission. The website hosts product reviews, and on the review page you can post your links to the affiliate. If the website visitor makes a purchase, you get a commission.

Most major resellers online have affiliate campaigns, those such as Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, Groupons and so on…

The image on the left is a screenshot of ReviewAffi website, you will notice that in that post we wrote a review about a Coffee Maker, we then also include links to our affiliate accounts on the right hand side so website visitors can find good prices, and we can also generate an income from the affiliate program we have with them.

We want you to be able to generate an income while RVing as well, we can help each other. You can write Reviews for products you are familiar with, and include YOUR affiliate links to those products.

We can all help each other out and enjoy the outdoors together!!!

If you have other tips or ideas on how to make an income while RVing please leave a comment and share with us.

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