Rv Essentials – List of Essential items when RVing

RV Essentials - List of Essential items when RVing

Let’s talk about RV Essentials, a list of essential items when RVing and nice to have items.

I know this might not be the best list of essentials and nice to haves around, but we invite you to leave a comment below with any item we might have missed. After all, it about helping make everyone’s life a little easier.

When we started putting this list together, I was thinking about what I would need to have and want to have in the RV. Since we would be pulling an RV with our truck, taking our dogs with us, and thinking about camping in several different locations, this list might be missing a few times, and include a few extra items. We will try to do our best to articulate why we think they are RV essentials, and why we think they are nice to haves.

Let’s start with the exterior of the RV and tow vehicle, if you have one

RV Essentials for the RV exterior

Tire Pressure Gauge

Sure you can stop at a gas station which might have a tire pressure gauge built in to the their air compressor, but what if you can find one? do you really want to run the risk of riding on over inflated or under inflated tires. If you blow a tire while driving it could be dangerous. You don’t need anything fancy, simple and cheap is fine (I would get two cheap ones). A Small Air Compressor would be nice to have as well.

RV essentials Reese Hitch Lock

Hitch Lock

At some point you might separate the RV and the tow vehicle… You are going to need a good hitch lock or you might come back wondering “where’d my RV go, dude”. Reese Makes a nice Hitch lock and it’s not very expensive.

Things Happen… Best to be Prepared

No one ever wants anything bad to happen, but they do. It’s best to be prepared and have some of the essentials incase.

Emergency Roadside Kits

No one ever wants anything bad to happen, but they do. It’s best to be prepared and have some of the essentials incase.

A few things you might want…

  • Duct Tape
  • Flashlight
  • Flares
  • Tools (wrenches, screwdrivers)
  • First Aid kit
  • Replacement Fuses

Don’t forget battery jumper cables or battery jump box.

If you are considering traveling to cold weather, then a cold weather Thermal Blanket would be nice..

Let’s Talk about Setting up the RV

Ok, so you got to where you were going and now we are going to set up the RV on the campsite. What do we need, what are the essentials and what are the nice to haves…

RVing essentials - leveling blocks

Leveling Blocks, the ground is not always going to be level. – Don’t forget to get a level.

Tire chock to lock tires if you have two axels

Electrical Connections

You are going to want a RV Surge protector. Not every place you go will have reliable power source and it’s better to be safe than sorry later. An electrical surge can damage components inside the RV.

You are also going to need a Shore power cord – Here you can choose the one you need for your situation and connection.

You might want a Coaxial cable, maybe. But you might have one at home, or your Camper has built in TV. Personally, my phone’s internet has a hotspot so I can watch TV or Netflix on my computer which has a nice screen.

Water Connections are another essential item for RVing

Now let’s talk about fluids… The ones that come in and the ones that go out…

You are either going to fill the tanks up, or be connected to a water source. This means you are going to want to have:

RVing essentials - the fluids

This toilet paper might be a little more expensive, but it’s designed for RV use. It’s supposed to dissolve quick and be more environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget the gloves… you will thank me later.

The RV Nice to Have

Boy do we all have these creature comforts we enjoy… Ok here is a list of thing you might want to pack. I know some are kinda silly, and you are probably saying (who would forget that), until you forget and the better half of the relationship is giving you the look…

  • Food and Condiments (salt, pepper… )
  • Water, plenty of water
  • Sunscreen, maybe even a hat – Bug Spray
  • Something to cook with, a cooktop, propane (check the tanks)
  • Matches or a Lighter (maybe two)
  • Plates (plastic is better), utensils.
  • Phone charger… In case you have to look back at this RV essentials guide…
  • Fire Extinguisher (should be a necessity)
  • Can opener
  • Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows
  • Plastic bags to trash (please don’t litter)
  • Pet food and Collar (if bringing a pet don’t forget a collar and leash)

Self Maintenance – Not Essential Items When RVing, but Nice to Have

  • Toothbrush and Paste (Floss)
  • Extra Clothes and Towels
  • Hair Essentials (hide the hair dryers)
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Hair Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Hair Brush
  • Razor blade and gel

Don’t forget a camera, a go-pro or even a decent drone so you can record your adventure.

So, how did we do? Did we miss anything in this Rv Essentials – List of Essential items when RVing guide? Comment Below Please

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