Preparing for RVing Outdoors

RVing Outdoors

Since we plan on making this a full-time thing, we need to start preparing for RVing Outdoors.

Finances while RVing Outdoors

One of the fist things we seen many others mention is finances, making some sort of income while out rving. Fist thing that came to mind and what many talk about is a blog, website, and youtube.

We don’t yet have a youtube, we we do ( but we have not done much with it as of yet. We’ll work on it, but we figured we would work on it when we start this adventure.

But we do have a few websites and this blog. We have signed up for a few affiliate programs, and advertisers such as google and infolinks. Our idea is to drive traffic into our review website ( where we will be posting deals of the day and product reviews with links to our affiliate programs to hopefully generate some side income. The cool thing is that we do get a small commission but it’s at no extra cost to the buyers.


One of the thing we do is look at alot of others who are rving outdoors full-time and follow some of their blogs. We’ll mention some of them later.

We’ve watched countless of youtube videos on safety, what to expect, the realities of rving, and places to go. Obviously we are still in early stages of this journey and actually pretty early even in the homework stages.

We would love to hear from others, and their opinion, leave us a comment below.

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