The adventures of Blue

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So what are the adventures of Blue? Blue is our puppy, who won’t stay a puppy very long; a Blue Weimaraner born on October 17th 2017 was a gift for Dani on her 30th Birthday.

Here is Blue when we first saw him (Nov 19th 2017), he was still a baby and we were not able to take him home just yet as he needed to stay with mom and get his puppy shots.

Baby Blue
Baby Blue


My wife has the most gorgeous eyes and smile… Blue has pretty eyes too.

Blue come home on December 3, 2017, and meets Waggy.


He was such a tiny little thing…


He loves to drive his big brother crazy, but he they also love to cuddle together.

This is what Movie nights now look like…


As any other little baby, or puppy, Blue is has many expressions…

This is what he looks like when he gets in trouble

And this is what he looks like when he wants something, like a treat…


On Feb 10th 2018, Blue was already 47 Pounds… Not even 4 months yet and he is already getting big but still a cutie.


As he continues with his adventures, we will update.

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