How did Adroll get into my browser and how to remove adroll ads

remove adroll adware

Today I noticed an adroll ad on my website and was wondering how it got there and why. So in this little article we will talk about how did adroll get into my browser and how to remove adroll ads from being published as you visit website.

It first started when I noticed a blank ad placement on one of my website. Some of my websites have Google Adsense and affiliate marketing such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Groupon and such. (it’s not cheap to host websites, and it’s take time to manage them, I have to make some money…)

How it all started

It all started when I saw a blocked ad for So I did a google search to see who was. Come to find out my service provider (Xfinity) blocked the ad, thank you.

Now I am thinking my computer or browser has some sort of adware. I’m on a Mac, which barely ever has had any issues.

Well, led me to Adroll. Adroll is some sort of remarketing company that show remarket ads, such as like when you leave a shopping cart with items, or visited a website where they sell something… anyways, they track your traffic and show ads relevant to pages you have visited in attempt to get you to go back and buy.

I have marketing and advertising on my websites, so I am a little bit interested…

Nope, this stuff is not the type of advertising I would want on any of my website, it’s tracking and basically spying on your use (a little more than what I like)

So How did I get Adroll into my Browser…

Remember I mentioned that I do affiliate marketing on some of my website? Well I downloaded a software which had adroll attached, and because I downloaded and installed it into my browser using the default setting instead of custom setting, it tagged along and was showing ads on almost every website I visited. It was also tracking my internet usage…

Adroll seems to target software developers, allowing them to install their software into programs and browser extensions. Those browser extensions are the ones that track your usage, and display ads based on your traffic.

How to remove adroll

On your Browser, find your extension. On Chrome:

Window > Extensions

Then click on extension that you recently installed. Click on “Details” and go half way down to “Site Access”:

remove adroll

By default “On All Sites” was checked. I changed it to “On Click”.

This is a Smart Share browser extension that I had installed to make it easier for me to collect my Ebay affiliate links when I am posting new articles, posts, reviews and so on.

If you have more information to share on: How did Adroll get into my browser and how to remove adroll ads. Please leave a comment below.

Will I still see Adroll Ads?

Yes, you could. Adroll is also part of the Google Adsense network. Therefor if you visit a website that displays adsense, you could see some adroll ads.

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